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In this album you will find gecko pictures
If there is a photo that you think is not of gecko don't hesitate to let me know.
Looking for gecko costumes references ?
Try the fursuit database or the fursuit archive
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[IMG]A4_181-Gecko.jpg1998-05-08 15:44 19K 
[IMG]Gecko-CrypticColoration-Uroplatus.jpg1998-05-08 18:01 60K 
[IMG]Gecko-FaceCloseup.jpg1998-05-08 18:01 23K 
[IMG]Gold-eyedGecko-pic09.jpg1998-05-08 18:01 16K 
[IMG]Leaf-tailedGecko-pic54.jpg1998-05-08 17:58 11K 
[IMG]MadagascarLeaf-tailedGecko-Uroplatus_fimbriatus.jpg1998-05-08 15:35 46K 
[IMG]OceanicGecko-OnTrunk.jpg1998-05-08 17:57 28K 
[IMG]PakistanLeopardGecko-pic37.jpg1998-05-08 17:56 12K 
[IMG]VelvetGecko-pic06.jpg1998-05-08 17:51 11K 
[IMG]WesternBandedGecko_01.jpg1998-05-08 14:23 89K 
[IMG]anim003-WebfootedSandGecko-Closeup.jpg1998-05-08 14:19 43K 
[IMG]anim24-Kidney-tailedGecko.jpg1998-05-08 17:50 48K 
[IMG]day-gecko.jpg1998-05-08 11:28 68K 
[IMG]gecko-a_OnRock.jpg1998-05-08 15:19 28K 
[IMG]gecko-b.jpg1998-05-08 15:19 12K 
[IMG]gecko-d_painting.gif1998-05-08 15:19 13K 
[IMG]gecko.gif1998-05-08 11:23 26K 
[IMG]megeckos-eatingFly-animated.gif1998-05-08 13:19 44K 
[IMG]naultinus_gecko.jpg1998-05-08 11:18 27K